Finding Commercial Value in Data Science | Hub & Spoken Ep. 08

value in data scienceIn this episode, Jason Foster talks to Ryan Moriarty, VP of Commercial Growth at Sofar Sounds, about the massive value in data science contributing to an organisation.

We discuss the application of data science algorithms to value driving use cases, remarking on his transformative role at the music startup Sofar, in addition to his previous experience with Just Eat, Wonderbly, M&S, and Tesco. We also cover the importance of an organisation’s data being led with sufficient data literacy, and the impact of data leadership on a business.

Listen to this episode on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher. You can also catch up with the previous episode of the Hub & Spoken podcast, in which Jason talks to Roberto Maranca, the Chief Data Officer from Lloyds Banking Group, Roberto Maranca, about the role of change and ethics in data.

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