Use data to drive digital customer journeys – from acquisition and automation,
to retention and transaction.

How can your data drive customer engagement, loyalty and retention?

Every organisation has access to a wealth of data that can be used to drive customer engagement. These insights help organisations fill venues, build trust, and target the right type of buyer at the right time.

More optimised data gives your teams easy access to this data, helping to nurture brand loyalty while reducing overhead with automation.

  • Access customer insights by integrating ticket system data into a purpose-built data warehouse
  • Build more targeted marketing with tailored data segmentation
  • Optimise pricing with balanced margins and real-time dynamic changes
  • Consolidate legacy data into an accessible hub
  • Reduce overhead with marketing automation

How we achieve this –

It’s one thing to talk about this potential with data, but how has Cynozure delivered these outcomes?

We worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group to help them connect with customers through data optimisation. Since then, their teams have driven a 3x ticket sales uplift with access to new insights.

Our purpose-built integrations transfer data from ticketing systems straight into a more accessible hub, which facilitates faster and more detailed reporting.

We worked with LW Theatres to build an integration that would give their teams easier access to more analytics, and reduce overhead with automation.

White Paper: Data-Driven Marketing

48% of customers spend more when their experience is personalised.

Most organisations can store and analyse their data, but how detailed are the insights that you can really access? The ability to track your customers at a granular level is where the ‘data-driven’ hype becomes a reality. When the results of that insight are plugged into the operations of the business, it truly becomes a data-driven business; not just one that looks at surface metrics and reacts accordingly.

Our Data-Driven Marketing white paper illustrates how you can unlock this potential from your data, using detailed insights to foster customer engagement. In this document, we’ve broken down every step of your data journey; explaining both the value of customer insights and the platform you’ll need to access them.