Cynozure: what’s in the name?

1. a thing or person that attracts attention by its brilliance
2. a thing or person that becomes the centre of attentions because of its brilliance
3. something serving as a guide or for direction

When forming the company we were looking for a word that was unique but not specifically one that had meaning behind it. However we stumbled across this great word ‘cynosure’ with a fantastic definition and one that after a number of conversations started to really help encapsulate what we as a business wanted to achieve and more importantly support our customers with.

Having worked on both the selling and buying side of business in consultancy and software organisations and in industry (client side) we were acutely aware of what looks good when it comes to partnership with a 3rd party and what was a challenge in selling into or buying from organisations.

Because of that we have become passionate about making our clients and sponsors within our clients look and feel like superstars through delivering on promises and helping to elevate the person, department, business unit, board member look awesome for what they have achieved – make them cynozure – attract attention by their brilliance.

We also have a load of experience in shaping and delivering on strategy within data and analytics and want to bring that to our clients in a way that helps them make correct decisions about their playbook in this space. Its important to guide organisations with relevant industry knowledge, technology awareness and practical experience that enables a step change in approach, outcomes and innovation. We want to serve as a guide and provide direction.

We then started to think about how this definition applies to data. Data is brilliant, data should be at the centre of attention, data is beautiful, data should serve as a guide and data should provide direction. Brilliantly delivered data in the form of analytics, visualisations, tailored customer experiences that help machines learn and people make decisions is absolutely at the heart of our missions to transform businesses with data.

By this point we were hooked and cynozure (changed to a z to satisfy our unique agenda with our name) was born.