Video | 3 Tricks to Build Leadership Buy-In

Building data executive buy-in for your analytics is an often difficult process in moving the agenda forward, necessary to generate the funds and internal support for your initiatives. It can be a struggle to demonstrate results from your analytics early on, so it’s key to maintain a healthy relationship with the C-Suite, and safeguard the future of your data and analytics. A motivated CEO can be the difference between success and failure with data, but there’s more to building buy-in throughout the business. With this in mind, read on to find out how to build leadership buy-in for your data.

3 Tricks to Build Leadership Buy-in | Data Executive Buy-In

It’s important to establish support for your data strategy early, and to showcase the potential value or impact that your analytics will have. If you can make your data initiatives relevant to the wider organisation, you’ll have an easier time introducing – and embedding – your data strategy. Likewise, value is the key motivator for the C-Suite, so applying your data and analytics to practical business goals will help secure support from the top level.

Of course, your leadership buy-in could be derailed by the plethora of challenges with data on the horizon, so it’s important to prepare for these scenarios. Alternatively, you can join one of our London-based masterclasses to be coached on this topic by Cynozure CEO Jason Foster.