Collaboration, Shared Learning, and Digital Leadership in Business | Hub & Spoken Ep. 15

In this episode, we talk to Gemma Greaves about modern digital leadership, fostering communities, and collaborating to encourage greater development.

As Chief Executive at The Marketing Society, and Founder of her own private members’ club Cabal, Gemma is an experienced and capable leader. We talk about the value of creating a community that facilitates learning, growth, and development through shared experiences and collaboration. We touch on tough subjects like mental health, and the role that leaders need to play in building a safe space at work. We also explore the role of the Chief Marketing Officer, and how that role is evolving in light of digital and data innovations.


Listen to this episode on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher. You can also catch up with the previous episode of the Hub & Spoken podcast, in which Jason talks to Ewan Nicolson about how Skyscanner is helping people get where they need to go, with an array of data and data science technology.

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