What we doGROW

We support delivery of data and analytics strategies, with leadership, management and solution implementation.



We’re here for on-going advice and guidance on the implementation of data and analytics strategies for business leaders. We act as a sounding board, provide a critical eye and help ensure progress on achieving your ambitions. This is done through a combination of ad hoc sessions, workshops, meetings and calls.


You and your team are supported with effective programme management and leadership, ensuring pace and agility. Taking accountability for delivery, or working alongside internal management, we bring the right thinking, planning and governance to enable success.



With a wide network of experienced professionals, we are able to assist you by rapidly bringing in the skills you need to make your project a success. We bring together a team of experts based on your industry, use case and technology choice, to help scale up your team or execute a full project delivery


The transformational process of creating value from data needs effective culture change across an organisation to properly embed, but this can be difficult to achieve. Our crew fully understands this problem, and can help coach your teams through this process, ensuring that your data achieves support and buy-in throughout your business.



Whether you’re a business leader hoping to take charge of your organisation’s use of data, or a data leader searching for a new source of coaching and development, we can help. With a breadth of experience across different industries, we can help prepare you for whatever challenge you’re dealing with, from leading teams in data to understanding the fundamentals of data platforms.


Our crew have extensive industry experience and hands-on knowledge, and are equipped to share their expertise with your organisation. Cynozure CEO Jason Foster and CTO James Lupton have spoken extensively on using data, the former specialising in driving transformational business change, and the latter focused on the technology that underpins your capabilities.