Justin Oon Finally Finds a Place to Work Where the Tech Fits the Strategy – Not the Other Way Round

So when I was asked to write a bit about why I joined Cynozure, I’m not going to lie, I was a little daunted by it. I mean, who would want to listen to me wax lyrical about the business? I have been in sales most of my life after all…

However after having spoken to a few people about it, I realised my experience over the last 17 years, and the last 5 particularly in data, has given me a rather unique perspective on things.

You see, I’ve always had an issue with trying to shoehorn a piece of technology, a product or a one dimensional solution into a client just because it’s the one thing that I’m responsible for selling. With the exponential growth of “Big Data” (frankly this term turns me) there is an abundance of choice and a lot of businesses are in it to make a quick buck. I mean, why not right?

The reason I was always turned a little by this (and at this point I am not claiming I haven’t been guilty of this at times, it’s been 17 years after all), is that this scenario plays out time and time again. And it is typically to the detriment of the client trying to find the right answer!

With all this in mind, when I was introduced to Jason Foster (thanks Pete Williams!) I had a healthy dose of “same ol’ same ol’” sitting in my head. Suffice to say, hand on heart, that I couldn’t have been more wrong (as my wife-to-be will testify, I very rarely admit to that… ). Here was finally a business I wanted to be invested in.

What stood out to me about Cynozure was the depth of thought that Jason Foster, CEO & Founder, and his team, had put into making this consultancy different to others, while giving clients what they actually need. In fact, I’m not sure consultancy even does it justice – it’s more like a data and analytics coaching, mentoring and advisory community. The desire to nurture clients and genuinely listen to them was something I hadn’t really come across before. Their attitude of “let’s connect and listen” to as many people as we can, is very refreshing and this is reflected in the work we do, The CDO Hub and in our wider associate team. These groups of individuals are always sharing with me how nice it is to not be sold to, and how they benefit from being amongst their peers and the Cynozure network. I think it is the feeling of connectedness and care that Jason has created which makes Cynozure so different.

A business strategy is always the place where a solution must start and data is no different. It’s the best way to listen to a business and find out what makes them tick. We’re in a unique position of being able to listen and advise based on our own experiences – without any hidden agenda – other than ensuring we help change the way people do business through data and analytics.

I’ve finally found a business where I can genuinely help people and businesses improve without the shadow of making a quick buck.

A data strategy consultancy that actually listens and gives expert advice when called upon. Who’d have thought it?

Justin Oon
Head of Community & Growth