Support ticket sales with data-guided customer insight

Hear from our customers

It’s one thing to talk about the potential of ticketing analytics, but don’t take our word for it. We recently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group, optimising their data use to help them connect with theatregoers. Since then, the organisation has driven a 3x ticket sales uplift using new insights.

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Earlier this year, we invited Phil Day – Marketing and Comms Director at RUG -to share more of his experience with ticketing analytics in a live webinar. You can now listen in to the webinar on-demand, and hear more success stories using data.


Ticketing systems aren’t optimised for marketing analytics.

Every organisation has access to a diverse array of data and customer insights that can fuel valuable ticketing analytics. This data can help you fill venues and target the right type of buyer at the right time. With more optimised data, you can create better targeted marketing campaigns, reduce overhead with automation, and drive your sales to be more dynamic.

The problem lies with modern ticketing systems – you may own all of this data, but it’s far too difficult for your teams to access and deploy it effectively. To fix this problem, you need to build a new hub for all of your data.

How can your data drive ticket sales?

We’ve seen this firsthand, working with companies that wanted to make smarter decisions, and consistently fill their venues with customers using ticketing analytics.

To fulfil these ambitions, your data needs to be accessible and consumable across your organisation. The best solution is to transfer your data from the ticketing system into a more accessible hub.

  • Access customer insights by integrating ticket system data into a purpose-built data warehouse
  • Build more targeted marketing with a wider array of modelled data segmentation
  • Optimise pricing with balanced margins and real-time dynamic changes
  • Consolidate legacy data into an accessible hub
  • Reduce overhead with marketing automation

Our purpose-built integrations can transfer data from your ticketing systems straight into a more accessible hub, facilitating faster and more detailed reporting.

We recently worked with LW Theatres to build one of these integrations into the SRO ticketing system, unlocking better customer insights and reducing overhead for their teams with marketing automation.